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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
One (1) Girls' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Two (2) Wrestling Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
One (1) Girls' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
One (1) Girls' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingMonongah MiddleApply
One (1) Wrestling Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
One (1) Girls' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
One (1) Boys' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
One (1) Wrestling Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
One (1) Boys' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
One (1) Boys' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingBarrackville Elementary/MiddleApply
One (1) Wrestling Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingNorth Marion HighApply
One (1) Girls' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingNorth Marion HighApply
One (1) Boys' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingNorth Marion HighApply
Five (5) Wrestling Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingFairmont Senior HighApply
Two (2) Girls' Swimming Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingFairmont Senior HighApply
Two (2) Boys' Swimming Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingFairmont Senior HighApply
Two (2) Girls' Basketball Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingFairmont Senior HighApply
One (1) Boys' Basketball Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingFairmont Senior HighApply
Five (5) Wrestling Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont HighApply
One (1) Girls' Swimming Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont HighApply
One (1) Boys' Swimming Volunteer09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont HighApply
Three (3) Girls' Basketball Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont HighApply
Two (2) Boys' Basketball Volunteers09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont HighApply
Assistant Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingWest Fairmont MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball09/20/2021CoachingRivesville Elementary/MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball09/20/2021CoachingRivesville Elementary/MiddleApply
cheerleading 7/809/20/2021CoachingMonongah MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingMonongah MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingMonongah MiddleApply
Assistant Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
Head Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingManningtion MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingFairview MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingFairview MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingFairview MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingFairview MiddleApply
Assistant Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Head Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 8th09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingEast Fairmont MiddleApply
Boys' Basketball 7th09/20/2021CoachingBarrackville Elementary/MiddleApply
Girls' Basketball 7/809/20/2021CoachingBarrackville Elementary/MiddleApply
Assistant Wrestling09/20/2021CoachingNorth Marion HighApply